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DIY: How to kill innovation in Brazil - 101

How kill innovation Brazil
The funds collected by the Telecommunications Inspection Fund (Fistel) are one of the most important Anatel's financing sources, after being transferred to the amounts due to Fust and Funttel.

Unfortunately, the revenues of the three funds (Fistel, Fust and Funttel), year over year, generates a significant excess of collection, and this financial surplus is always transferred to the National Treasury.

To oversee telecommunication services, Anatel annually applies less than 20% of what it collects with Fistel. The revenue coming from the Fust is practically not applied in the purpose established in the law. Thus, the three funds set aside are truly distorted for applications that do not conform to the laws they create.

Therefore, why not to reduce the value of Fistel's fees in order to generate what effectively corresponds to Anatel's needs? Why not repeal as laws of Fust and Funttel, that the resources are not used and the last exercises of transfer to the National Treasury in breach of legislation?

Finally, it can be said that these heavy taxes in Brazil, whose counterparts are not clear enough, are not just innovations killers, stealing large amounts of financial resources that could be applied by Telco Operators in R & D... Theses taxes are also entry of barriers for startups of Internet of Things, which does not have the capital needed to face the huge and retrograde taxes, charged upfront.

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