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Nielsen report about Android Smartphones and Apple Devices

June 2011 Nielsen data: Android tops platforms while Apple tops devices.

Android and iPhone Nielsen Report

Latest Nielsen report: Android atop smartphone platforms; Apple atop device OEMs.

Nielsen's latest U.S. smartphone market share report showed Android continue to dominate among smartphone platforms. Android now has a market share of 39 percent, with Apple’s iOS in second place with 28 percent. RIM's Blackberry OS is down to 20 percent.

Compare those numbers with Nielsen's March results, when Android first began to edge ahead of RIM and Apple. That month, Android was at 29 percent, while RIM and Apple were in a dead heat at 27 percent.

Just as then, however, since Android is a platform that relies on several different OEMs to produce the hardware (HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG among them), the fragmentation among the Android OEMs means that it's impossible for any one of those manufacturers to come up with numbers in the iPhone territory (let's not talk about Android OS fragmentation, all right?).

Given that, Apple has 28 percent of the device market. RIM still manages to hold onto 20 percent of device market share, but it continues to bleed market share in all these surveys.

Among other top device makers are HTC with 14 percent of Android customers and 6 percent of users who are running Windows Mobile / Windows Phone 7, Motorola with 11 percent of the Android market, and Samsung with 8 percent of Android customers and 2 percent of those using Microsoft's Windows Phone.

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