quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

What's Apple's Next Revenue Challenge?

The "iGeneration!"

Apple destroys Q3 earnings estimates with record Revenue, Profit, iPhone and iPad sales!

Apple sale records

Apple’s (AAPL) revenue and earnings emphasized once again how useless the company’s guidance truly is, delivering EPS of $7.79 that beat the consensus estimate of $5.81, and well above the “whisper” number of $6.69.

Certainly the company has the products and the markets to deliver further growth, although over the last 4 quarters the sequential revenue growth rate has declined, despite the year-over-year astonishing 82% sales growth. And there lies the challenge (although some will certainly state that Apple is a no-brainer, to which I respond that every stock is a challenge going forward). I can bet that Steve Jobs and his crew are constantly looking for new opportunities to keep the momentum alive, and not sipping margaritas because the world is at their feet.

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